I’m grateful for our expansion this year. The non-profit incorporation at the patient hands of our lawyer-in-residence and undiscovered slam poet, Mike Millen has been a resounding success. He reminded us last night that our tent pegs had been expanded and as a result so has our tent and, all things considered, I think it is an apt metaphor. We have doubled the size of our leadership team this year.  We have produced two workshops in a box: Real8ability and True Identity, that are readily reproducible and viral. We have been blessed with donations to Relate 20/20 which, for the first time, means that we can dream about events and holding conferences without having to outlay our own personal funds first. We have been challenged by our ministry mentors, Chris Hogan, Paul and Jenny Speed, John Regier, and Teo Van Der Weel, who have filled us with powerful instruction so that we might live out their teachings and Godly insights with practice and practice and practice–not just in our lives but also in those that we serve. It’s been exciting to see a rekindled passion that makes our core leadership team meetings filled with grand ideas, spirited discussion, and praise every time God moves and move He does!

Our extended leadership team gathered together the other evening to celebrate these good things, to have a bit of fun, and ultimately to seek God’s will in 2017. Susan and I have been moved all year to transition our focus into one of content generation in order to ride on the tails of the successful workshops that the team has been developed. As head of marketing, I know that we can do a better job of getting the word out to those in need, promoting God’s way and not the normal ways of the world in relationships. I expect God is not done with this ministry just yet! There are big things afoot for 2017 that will eclipse our dreams once again. God is like that.

In the end, I am truly grateful to the relationships and deep friendships that have been formed and that we have been blessed with. After all, for those of us in Relate 20/20, we know that is what truly counts.

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