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Terri and Terry, your help was invaluable! Thank you for encouraging us and guiding us to a more peaceful and loving way of relating. Blessings!


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[su_quote cite=”D & J”]D and I were connected to the Wongs by J K (D’s sister in law) after she had met them at a past Relate 20/20 seminar. We were just married this past February and our marriage had gotten off to a very rough start, to the point where D had moved out of our friend in April. I was connected with Sheilah and Armond in early June and we started meeting with them then, spending several hours with them every 1-2 weeks. They were a godsend, helping us to dismantle many wrong beliefs about each other and what marriage is. They didn’t on their own fix our issues but instead pointed us towards God and what his word says about marriage. They taught us practical tools to help us to better understand, communicate, resolve conflict, work through complicated in law issues and learn to bless each other. The Wongs were so open about their experiences in marriage and how they were able to overcome them. Interestingly there were so many parallels between what they had gone through and what we were currently experiencing. The Wongs extended their care for us with calling us several times a week to encourage us with a blessing and being available to help us in times we just needed a listening ear. D and I know without shadow of a doubt that the Wongs were Gods love gift to us to help us overcome this season and take us from a point where we were contemplating giving up on our marriage to now feeling more committed and in love than our entire time together including when we first started dating! We attended the relate ministry seminar in late June on Real8ability and it’s completely changed our relationship and how we listen, hear and care for each other – we are sure to practice it regularly and have started teaching our friends about it.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”E.T.”]I am thrilled to report that your ministry of helping people to do the Courageous Conversation is still bearing fruit. Last night M and I spent an hour and a half from about 9:30pm until 11 PM with some dear godly Christian friends who are really stuck and one was ready to leave. Not leave the marriage but leave the house. I’m happy to report that everything in the Courageous conversation works really well, step-by-step. We prayed and there was a real turning last night. Of course there will be more Courageous Conversations needed, but I saw the burden lifted off the shoulders of the wife and I saw some hope enter in.[/su_quote]