Building Your Relational Wealth

You can be a hero!

Relate 20/20 helps build your relational superpowers

Our Vision

We believe that the world exists in a state of relational poverty. Our vision is to help you build relational wealth, one conversation at a time.

Invest in Joy

No matter your circumstances, when you build relational wealth you see the good in others and understand your own identity better. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming relationships, starting with our own, in order to impact generations.

Personal Accountability

We are taking a stand to not only change ourselves but also leave a relational legacy for our children.

What We Do

We host conferences, workshops, and small groups that build your relational muscle through experiential learning encounters.

Practice Makes Perfect

All of our offerings are interactive and hands-on. You gain new skills immediately.


We have trained coaches that can work with you on your toughest challenges and help you be your best with your spouse, family, and coworkers.

Practical Help

We all get stuck from time to time. Our coaches practice what they preach and offer proven techniques that are successful.


We help you build a powerful, practical, & proven skill set to thrive in all of your relationships.

It All Started With Us

We teach you things that we have found effective and use ourselves. 

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