Our History!

In 2008 Relate 20/20 began as a band of couples in the San Jose Bay Area with a common problem: Marital conflicts, which impacted our parenting. In our determination to not just survive but thrive in our marriages, we learned Biblically based practical communication skills from our mentor, Chris Hogan, a conference speaker and relationship coach for global leaders www.rohei.com/our-consultants/chris-hogan.

We were committed to practicing the methods ourselves while reshaping the material to expand the applicability and impact for others. The increase in our relational harmony and fruitfulness was evident, spilling over into our families and workplace relationships. We transitioned from sponsoring conferences with Chris Hogan to teaching our own workshops and coach training. Our community of practice grew beyond the Silicon Valley to other cities and states when we began offering workshops over Zoom. This extended our reach internationally, as well. Relate 20/20 materials have been translated into Spanish and Arabic.

Although we are based in San Jose, California and do the bulk of our work locally, we offer Zoom workshops and trainings and occasionally travel to offer conferences or retreats upon request.