Relate 20/20 was founded in 2006 in San Jose, California. Our leadership is a cross-denominational Christian group dedicated to changing lives by revealing, restoring, and reviving relationships in the greater San Jose area. We sponsor marriage conferences, relationship workshops, and character growth groups for men and women.

In our struggles with our own relationships, just like you, we have had the opportunity to work with some incredible Christian leaders to find real answers and learn practical relational tools. Our ministry was born out of a desire to give away the tools and methods we benefitted from the most. The three ministries that have shaped us the most are the Noble Call Institute, Whatever It Takes Ministries, and Caring for the Heart.

  • The Noble Call Institute exists to help men and women experience God’s pleasure as they discover their Noble Calling and become the men and women they were created to be: noble men and women who make noble plans and carry out noble deeds of great faith as a person, partner, parent, provider and proclaimer of truth, to produce fruit that will stand the test of eternity. Noble Call is most well-known for the Courageous Conversation tool.
  • Whatever It Takes! Ministries was formed in 2005 by Paul & Jenny Speed based upon their powerful testimony of openness and brokenness, coming free from a hidden moral addiction that nearly devastated their marriage. Since this time, Paul & Jenny have helped over one thousand in the U.S. and internationally to find freedom in their personal lives and marriages; particularly in the areas of sexual addictions, lies, & struggles with hypocrisy. They offer conferences, 4-day intensives, many resources, and personal counseling.
  • Caring for the Heart Ministries, was founded by John Regier and is committed to providing counseling and many resources that are biblically based and to help couples and individuals gain spiritual and emotional freedom. CFTH Ministries provides the resources needed to diagnose spiritual and emotional issues, understanding what locks up one’s heart, enabling resolution of personal and marital problems at the root.