Craig & Athena Hultgren

Craig and Athena Hultgren have been married since 1991 and are blessed with two adult children. Their marriage began joyfully; however, it gradually became filled with regular conflict and dysfunctional communication. After being helped tremendously by Chris Hogan at a 2007 marriage retreat in Idaho, they quickly applied what they learned in their home. Other couples heard about the fruit so they wanted to learn the material, as well. By faith, they sponsored their first Chris Hogan marriage seminar in 2008 and many experienced a similar transformation.

What unexpectantly emerged was a team of couples from various churches to form an organic ministry. What began in brokenness remains fruitful in brokenness, being open about their struggles and victories. They are passionate to teach these life-changing tools and train conversation coaches.

Craig is a senior staff aeronautical engineer and Athena is a conference speaker and is authoring a book entitled The Three Chairs.

Arnold Fosah

Arnold Fosah, married to Solange, share three lovely children. As with many newlyweds, they were gracious towards each other but struggled when it came to handling sensitive issues and preferred to avoid conflict. As a result, they found it difficult to build trust and intimacy. When they were invited by Sheilah and Armond Wong to a Courageous Conversation workshop, the CC tool greatly helped Arnold to feel heard and Solange to feel safe during difficult conversations. Their sense of trust and connection have increased over time as they use the Relate 20/20 tools and their marriage continues to thrive. They have volunteered to share the gift freely given to them.

Arnold is a certified psychiatric nurse providing mental health services at the Santa Clara County Adult Custody Department. He is dedicated to promoting mental wellness, healing from trauma, and spirituality to support people to thrive in their relationships.

Mary Christensen

In 2008, Mary watched a couple on stage being coached through a live Courageous Conversation led by Chris Hogan. She witnessed the power of this tool and the heart change that took place as a result. Three years after her marriage, she and Dwight experienced similar communication challenges like that couple and they began to use the Courageous Conversation to work through pressing issues. They continue to practice Relate 20/20 safe and well-constructed communication skills, which has helped them a lot.

Mary is passionate to share what she’s learned with family, friends, church members, and at work. She especially likes to help others write their personal true identity statements.

Mary is an inpatient diabetes nurse educator in Phoenix, Arizona where she and Dwight live.

Dana Reginato

Dana Reginato and her husband, Daniel, have been married 28 years and have 2 adult children.  After their first 7 years of marriage, they got “stuck” in their communication. Counseling just dug up family of origin issues and highlighted their differences but didn’t help them develop healthy dynamics. Through a Courageous Conversation, they learned to suspend their own perspectives and listen to each other in a genuine way. This initiated a breakthrough in their communication.  They’ve also learned healthy practices such as blessing one another and speaking identity statements of affirmation to build one another up daily.

Both serve as Relate 20/20 relationship coaches and Dana joined the board in 2020. They use the tools with their Hispanic communities and have translated much of the material into Spanish.

Dana is a bilingual elementary school teacher in a dual emersion classroom and has adapted some of Relate 20/20 tools to be used for her students.